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Clearwater Light Install - Sevina on top; Erica bottom

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Re: Clearwater Light Install - Sevina on top; Erica bottom

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My first set, the instructions weren’t clear. They talked us through it on the phone (they were great), and sent more current instructions via email (the ones in the box weren’t current). The headlight interface didn’t work. We didn’t spend any time fooling with it. Didn’t even try the horn interface.

Panel mount of dimmer and power switches went great.

Second set-
Instructions on the box were current. High beam interface worked flawlessly. So we “bothered” with the horn interface. It, too, worked flawlessly.

Unlike my first set, when we followed the instructions for panel mounting the switches, the dimmer wouldn’t fit. The aluminum “base” of the dimmer switch is larger with this set than the one that came with the set I put on my 2014. The pot wouldn’t fit where it was prescribed. Then I found extra hardware.

These came with everything to mount the dimmer to the bars. My previous set did not. What a huge difference. The high beam, horn, and accessibility functionalities of this install are together, equally as significant as the additional 12,000 lumens. Go Clearwater.
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Re: Clearwater Light Install - Sevina on top; Erica bottom

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sacramentomike wrote: Mon Jan 31, 2022 7:21 pm Another thing for mdcarter: When you buy lights from Clearwater, they send you a complete installation kit and what I understand to be good clear instructions.
Thanks for that. I'm sure I could do it. I installed aux lighting on my 05 way back in the day. But I could use an excuse to take a ride out to my sisters and have them installed locally. But it's a way off. I got a build date for a Russel seat in May, and I have an aux tank that will be on the way in a week or two. Lights will have to come later. Just looking at options for those at the moment.
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